Items are last step of the tree, these will contain your food, beverage.. details and then display them to your guests on tablet

Adding an item

To add a new item head to Items page

  1. Select the category which this item will fall under
  2. Type in the name in English
  3. Type in the name in Arabic
  4. Type in the Description in English (Optional but we highly recommend!)
  5. Type in the Description in Arabic (Optional but we highly recommend!) 
  6. Select type: this is basically what could this food contains/be (for now you can identify the food as vegetarian, contains nuts and/or spicy) you can select multiple options 
  7. Select how many minutes it would take to prepare it (can use either 15 for 15 mins or 15-20 for 15-20 mins formats)
  8. Upload images and/or video: each item can have up to 3 images and one video. accepted format for photos are png and jpg, accepted format for video is mp4

Editing an item

To add a new item head to Items page

  1. Click on the arrow beside “Action”
  2. Click on edit
  3. Edit the fields you need to edit
  4. Click submit to save your changes

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