Menu management is easy with Cherry Menu, around here we use the term menu for the main category which will later contain categories and items, 
A great example of menu is when you want to display different menus at your venue at diffrent times (Breakfast menu, Lunch menu, Afternoon tea menu..etc)

To add a new menu:

Head to Menus page

  1. Click on Add New
  2. Type in the title of the menu in English
  3. Type in the title of the menu in Arabic
  4. Choose whether you will enable or disable Feedback form on this menu (Disabling feedback will make the button that leads to the feedback form disappear)
  5. Choose the background image you want to display at the background when users are browsing that category
  6. Click on submit to add the new menu 

To edit a menu item

  1. Click on the arrow beside “Action” on the menus list
  2. Click on edit
  3. Change the fields you wish to change
  4. Click submit to save the changes

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