Cherry Menu is a Digital Food Menu Solution or you can call it the “replacement of Paper Menu” at restaurants, cafes or simply for any outlet that needs to display food items for guests to choose what they need from.

The concept is very simple, we have the control panel that gives you a full control on every aspect of your menu and we have the menu that display whatever we want to on the tablet at your venue.

We have followed a bit of unique way to categorize the items where do dont just use categories (Starters, soups, main course…etc) and place item under them, we have even a higher category which call menu, this menu allows you to have multiple set of menus within the tablet (Breakfast menu, Lunch menu, Snacks menu, Dinner menu, Catering menu, Friday Brunch menu …etc), this way the menu is ready to handle any time of the day, any occasion or even season.

What are the main features? 

  • Multiple language: Arabic and English
  • iPad tablets
  • Less than a minute to update items
  • Analytics and reports
  • Multi user
  • Items gallery: photos and videos
  • Offline, you don’t need internet to operate
  • Item features and description
  • Digital feedback form
  • Multiple ways to categories menus and items

While we provide very flexible payment plans, you can go ahead and sign up for a free trial for 30 days and test it out for your self, Sign up here, or Learn how to sign up by reading this article.

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