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One Digital Menu, A Thousand Bites! CherryMenu has come with a horizon for you.Our cost-effective digital menu solutions will enable your restaurant to maximize communication and efficiency. Through our digital signage, you will be able to create, manage, and control your content in the best possible way.
You may get in touch with our experts if you want to:
Save time- Our Digital Menu application and software allows you to add, edit or delete any items in a matter of minutes so you’re able to keep your guests updated and refreshed with your latest available items; this will also allow you to easily remove out-of-stock items and quickly add special or promo items.
Reduce cost-Besides a great deal of convenience and practicality, you will save a ton when not worrying about the print, re print, and the mistakes that come with it. You will no longer need to print special menus, nor re-print after mistakes, nor hold up the new items for other next round of printing; the easy quick updates, maintenance, security, and backups are included in our very affordable rates.
Provide your guests with a memorable experience- A happy guest is all you want. Right? Allow us to help you providing them with a satisfying and memorable experience. Our electronics menu boards will give your restaurant or café an innovative and inviting touch that will remarkably enhance the guest experience.

Let’s have a glimpse of the best features we’ve developed so far for you:

Contactless menu New

Stay within the recommendations to fight COVID-19 with this new feature, your customers doesn't need to touch or browse any menus, all they have to do is scan a QR code or visit a link that will display your digital menu with the photos, info, up-selling items..etc, the contactless menu can be easily updated in a min from your control panel and can be opened using any device or tablet.

Self order

Your guests can take their time with the digital menu and highlight the items they want to order, then your staff member can visit the table, re confirm the order and place it. we had kept the high standard of service in our mind while making this feature, therefore the Self order feature only allows the guest to highlight the items they want to order, then your staff member comes and takes the order further.

Arabic and English

We’re the only digital menu that has both Arabic and English displayed at the same time to cater to any middle east restaurant or café.

Photos and videos

Restaurants can add show-off their dishes with a gallery of images and/or videos for items, each items can take up to 3 images and a video of up to 30 seconds, videos will play first and the guest can swipe to between them to view the gallery


Cherry Menu Can be used offline without the need of being connected to the internet all the time, after your first login all the items and staff data will be saved to the tablet for the offline use. For all the feedback forms data, analytics and updates will also be saved on the tablet until the next time it's connected to the internet and sync them.

Item features

Each item you add will have multiple features that can be showed to guests covering, cooking time, calories, price, vegetarian, containing nuts, spicy, new, featured…Etc


Cherry Menu is your menu, You will be able to user your logo and background images though-out the menu for a clear branding towards your guests.

Analytics and reports

You will get an access to a comprehensive report of how the guests had interacted with each of the categories and items so you’re able to enhance items and sales.

Cherry Menu provides detailed reports on:

Clicks on items.

Clicks on categories.

Items ordered via self order (if the feature is enabled).

Update the food menu in a minute

Say good bye to re-printing or covering items on the paper menu or saying sorry item is not available, with Cherrymenu you can add, delete, disable or edit any dish, category or menu in under a minute

Collect feedback

With our dynamic feedback module that includes stars and comments you will be able to collect guests feedback in an elegant manner.
All feedback will be collected and stored in the device whether it's online or offline until the next time you sync it with the server.


Each of your staff will have his own login for a better feedback and performance analytics.


Our solution is fully loaded with featues, you simply need to try!

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