Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

Setup a Professional Digital Menu Within Minutes

CherryMenu is an innovative solution which is easy to use and customizable according to the requirements. A Digital restaurant menu will allow your restaurant or cafe to present menu in an attractive and interactive manner.
Our mission at CherryMenu is to create more interactive and engaging customer experiences that will generate higher revenues and increase margins. The integration of the CherryMenu application will enhance server and guest satisfaction immediately.

Arabic and English

We’re the only digital menu that has both Arabic and English displayed at the same time to cater to any middle east restaurant or café.

Photos and videos

Restaurants can add show-off their dishes with a gallery of images and/or videos for each item.


Can be used offline without the need of being connected to the internet all the time.

Item features

Each item you add will have multiple features that can be showed to guests covering, cooking time, calories, price, vegetarian, containing nuts, spicy, new, featured…Etc


You will be able to user your logo and theme on the tablet to compliment your business theme.

Analytics and reports

You will get an access to a comprehensive report of how the guests had interacted with each of the categories and items so you’re able to enhance items and sales

Update the menu in a minute

Say good bye to re-printing or covering items on the paper menu or saying sorry item is not available, with Cherrymenu you can add, delete, disable or edit any dish, category or menu in under a minute

Collect feedback

With our dynamic feedback module that includes stars and comments you will be able to collect guests feedback in an elegant manner .


Each of your staff will have his own login for a better feedback and performance analytics.

Main Features

  • Multiple language: Arabic and English
  • Android (Coming soon)
  • Less than a minute to update items
  • Analytics and reports
  • Multi user
  • Items gallery: photos and videos
  • Offline, you don’t need internet to operate
  • Item features and description
  • Digital feedback form
  • Multiple ways to categories menus and items
  • Customization: your logo and background
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